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OOC: BandVAN! :D

a Fire Mage

She's British, she's from the past, and oh yah, she's a Mage. She was sent to Fandom because her mentor and friends decided she needed some worldly experience after being locked up by her evil Stepmother Alison. An Evil Earth Mage.

No worries, she's dead now.

Eleanor is still adjusting to technology, like ah, what is that thing with a screen and tray of little letters? She's polite to the point of formal with adults, a little more outgoing with her peers. She's developed a liking for Leda, thinks Dinah's fun, enjoys magical theory discussions with Karla and is usually bewildered by Mullet!Jack.

Here's her info post just for reference.

an Alien Ambassador

G'Kar left Babylon 5 to explore the universe and to avoid being forced into a role he didn't want. Namely, to be the leader of his planet. He did however, get turned into a religious icon despite his desire for such. After much journeying through the unknown universe, a strange spatial storm landed him at Fandom, where he took up residence in MCA, became co-owner of Turtle & Canary and devloped a liking for Salisbury Steak Squishes.

Canon twists for G'Kar include having a child with Leta Alexander, the rogue telepath that left B5 with him. Because they didn't want her there anymore. Nothing like having a major nuclear bomb living on your station. Their daughter who has appeared in Fandom is also a telepath, of course. Currently, he's doing off-scene bits with the developing Telepath Wars.

G'Kar's info.

a Crazy Pilot

Despite fandom theories and arguements (not this Fandom, his canon fandom) that the insanity is just an act, for this guy, it is real. Though he's gotten better, he swears. He's an ex-Vietnam pilot who splits his time between a VA Hospital Psych Ward and running soldier-for-hire jobs with his Vietnam buddies.

Despite insanity, he's actually very smart, bordering on genius. And he can fly anything as long as it's got wings. In his time in Fandom, he's taught a few classes, works two jobs, hooked up with Abby Irene, effectively adopted Amber Atkins and developed bust buds with Mike Cannon and Tully Mars. Oh, and he gained a fake son thanks to Soap Opera madness.

He's now advanced through to Season Five which brings up a whole new ball of wax. The team has a new boss, one ex-General Hunt Stockwell who's got the team between a rock and a hard place. The basic is, the team no longer works on their own terms and a number of the missions are little more than suicidal. Yay fun.

Murdock's info and a wad of what happened to the guys in Season 5. WARNING: spoilers ahoy! If you've not seen Season 5's first three episodes and want to, you want to skip the latter, otherwise read away!

One Mun!
I'm Angel and I'm insane! ;p G'Kar was my first pup at FH and since then I added ... two more. Heh, I'm behind compared to some of y'all. Just moved in June to Australia which puts me on a majorly different schedule from most of the rest of you.

I'll be starting school toward the end of July (omg, that's this month!) and I don't know how that will affect the RP availabilty. We will see.

You can reach me at or talktoomuchnarn on AIM. I'm usually online most of the time. (aka, until school starts, I'm usually bored shitless and whittle my time away on the netwebz)

...and oooh, I'll have more Australia pics eventually too! :D
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