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33 Apocalypse Ave, Murdock's room, Sunday late afternoon-ish


The reason it was called punch was because it'd punch you in ways you never dreamed of.

"Ugggg," a groan came from the mound of bed covers as Houston tried to rouse his owner. With not much success.

Murdock remembered most of the dance; taking Abby Irene, visiting with Tully, dancing with Daisy and chatting with Dani. Dani who helpfully pointed out that, hello, punch at a dance would be spiked.

He should have known, really.

Houston whined and shoved his nose under the blanket until he found skin.

"Whu? Dunnawanna." The blanket lifted long enough for sunlight to spear through his eye straight into his brain. "Oh god."

It was going to be a loooooong time in getting up.

(open for any visitors or roomies. will turn into a linkdroppy at some point)
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