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33 Apocalypse Ave, Sunday May 10

Murdock was sitting out on the front porch, writing a letter with Houston napping at his feet.

Dear Mom,

It didn't matter that his mother had been gone since he was just five years old, it was the principle of the thing. Every year on Mother's Day he wrote her a letter. Or tried to call her. ...which never really worked too well. Telephones didn't exactly connect to the afterlife. at least not in Murdock's canon lol

He knew that there was a bunch of new people to island and was hoping a few of them had spotted his handwavy signs annoucing rooms for rent. Heck, he wouldn't have minded meeting anybody new, really.

(open for visitors, new roomies or potential new roomies. there are still rooms available if anyone's interested)
Tags: house apocalyptic, i still miss my mommy, yay newbies!
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